Top 6 Favorite Male Youtubers


6. Josh Peck


Peck is 31 years old with over 1.4 million subscribers.  Most of you probably know him more from his hit tv show Drake & Josh which he starred in with Drake Bell.  Since his tv days he became friends with famous youtuber David Dobrik, got married to Paige O’ Brien, and made his YouTube channel. His channel features many other popular creators in videos like vlogs and mukbangs.

5.Matt Steffanina


Steffanina is a very talented hip hop dancer who posts his class videos on YouTube!  He has over 8 million subscribers and features popular dancers on his channel like Kaycee Rice, Josh Killacky, Nicole Laeno, and many more.  Steffanina also has a second channel called MattSteffanina2 where he posts even more class clips that didn’t make it into the first video.

4. Shane Dawson


Dawson is the king of conspiracy theory videos! With over 14 million subscribers he puts content out there that changes the way many people think on certain topics. If you love hearing about new conspiracies you need to check out his channel.

3.James Charles


Charles is 19 years old and has over 6 million subscribers.  He produces creative makeup looks & videos that many people love.  Charles is known for using the word sister and shister to describe almost everything.  His sayings caught on and now many people say them all around the world.   I will admit that I do this frequently because it’s just so fun to say phrases like “Shister snapped” and “Shister spooked”.  Sister is only one of his iconic phrases that he has created, I think he should really make a book of all of them.

2.Dolan Twins


Coming in at number 2 on the list are the Dolan Twins. They’re definitely my favorite twins on YouTube!  Their videos are just so funny & entertaining, I always can’t wait until they post on Tuesdays.  Ethan and Grayson, aka The Dolan Twins have over 5 million subscribers at the age of 18. They are also a part of the Sister Squad with James Charles (from above) and Emma Chamberlain (Chamberlain was in my last post, top 6 favorite female youtubers, make sure you check it out if you haven’t already : )

1.David Dobrik


My number 1 favorite, male youtuber,  is David Dobrik!!!  His vlogs are the funniest videos I’ve ever watched.  He posts new videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with his crazy vlog squad.  He and his friends all have such different personalities that on their own are hilarious, but when they all come together it makes it 10 times better.  He also posts more cool videos on his second channel David Dobrik Too.

Well hoped you liked hearing about  my fav male youtubers to watch!  Maybe you guys even learned about some new channels to check out.  Comment back if you have suggestions for future blog topics.  Make sure you follow me if you want to stay up to date with my posts.

xoxo- Ashlyn Kate