My Perfect (Rainy) Day

Saturday July 21st, 2018…


I started off my day and headed to Lancaster with my mom, my friend Sarah, and her mom.  Sarah is a pro thrifter, so she took me to her favorite thrift store Community Aid. The store was huge and had many different sections, I had no clue where to start!  After a matter of fifteen minutes we already had a cart full of shirts, jeans, dresses and jackets so we headed back to the try-on area.  In the end, I ended up getting two pairs of corduroys (yellow & red), two blazers, a Benetton belt, and a book.  The thrift store was a definite success 10/10 except for the fact that two old men scolded me for accidently cutting the line to the dressing room.  They were obvious pro thrifters and didn’t like having a newbie to the thrifting community cut in line!


For our next stop, we headed into Lancaster city to Rachels Café & Creperie.  I decided to order a bacon, egg, and cheese crepe with a vanilla chai tea latte.  While we waited for our food to come out, Sarah and I decided to go take some photos with her camera.  Even though at this point it was pouring rain, we still got some really great pics (check out my Instagram if you want to see the pics- link on blog home page : ).  When we got back from our photo shoot our food was ready!  We sat and ate for a little before we ordered our dessert crepe which was Chocolate and Caramel with added strawberries.  The crepes were so good, I’m definitely going back again soon! 10/10…


At this point,  it was like 3:30 and still pouring down rain, so we decided just to head home since it was too wet outside to walk around the city.  Really, it was puddles and torrential downpours.   When I got home it was time to get ready for the Macklemore & Kesha concert .  Yeah, I went thrift shopping before I saw Macklemore….  Originally, I was going to wear a tube top and shorts, but the temperature was in the sixties and there were flash flood warnings 😦  (obviously that outfit was a no go).  I ended up wearing a whole new look, and if you wanna see where the pieces are from check out my “shop my looks” page.



My friends Catie & Keeley came over at 5:00 to get ready!  We did our hair, makeup, and hunted for raincoats to wear at the concert.  Also, we ate some really tasty pork nachos which were a 10/10 on my food scale.   The concert started at 7:00 but we arrived at 8:00 and missed the opening act.  It was still down pouring.  This girl was actually enjoying this rain, it was adding some flare to my day.  By the time we got to our seats Kesha was on her second song.  Her songs were soooo good, but I was just really anticipating Macklemore’s performance because he’s one of my favorite male rappers.  Macklemore’s performance was amazing he interacted so much with the audience, had an incredible voice live, and made the audience laugh while having a good time!  If you get the chance to go to the Kesha & Macklemore concert don’t pass it up, its totally worth it. Another 10/10 to end off my day.

I hope you guys enjoyed a rainy day in my day in my life that turned out to be a 10/10.    Sometimes when you think you have your day all planned out it can be fun to have to make changes due to the weather.  Even beach days that are rainy sometimes turn out to be really cool.  Stay positive.   If you liked it let me know because I’ll do more posts like this in the future, or if you have any other suggestions for blog posts comment them down below. And always remember you’re never fully dressed without a smile!

xoxo- Ashlyn Kate