Is Glossier really worth the hype?



Photography & Video by _hi_its_sarah_


The brand that is taking over the makeup world by storm!  From Beyoncé wearing the cream eye shadow “Lidstar” at the 2018 Oscars, to teens wearing their products on the daily , Glossier’s popularity is growing day by day.  I’ve been wanting to test out their products for a while now, so I decided to order four of their most popular items.  I ordered the Boy Brow, Cloud Paint, Haloscope, and Lidstar.  Five days passed and my package has finally arrived, which means its time to give my first impression review! Keep reading if you wanna find out if all the hype about Glossier is true…


img_5298When the box arrived, I immediately could tell it was from Glossier because of the packaging.  They put a cute sticker that said their name and ” have a nice day!” with a little smiley face on the opening tab. When I opened the box,  the inside was all pink, had the phrase ” Skin First.  Makeup Second. Smile Always.” on the lid, and all of the products were in an adorable pink bag with a pack of stickers on top.  After opening the box,  the first thing I thought was that it was sooooo Instagram story worthy, so I took a quick boomerang and posted it up!  To my surprise within the hour Glossier responded to my insta story saying they hoped I liked my new products!!!  I screamed in shock since I had never had a company do this before, so huge kudos to Glossier for responding to their customers and making my day!!! Overall,  for the presentation and packaging Glossier scores a 10/10.

Cloud Paint

img_5432This crème blush was probably my favorite product I purchased.  Usually, when I put on blush I feel like its not really noticeable, but the Cloud Paint is super pigmented and looks super natural on the skin.  At first when I saw the tube I thought it didn’t have enough product for an ($18) purchase because the tube was pretty small, but when I actually used the product I learned you only need the tiniest bit  for it to show up!  You just need a finger tip amount of the crème blush then you just dab it into your cheeks.  I’m very happy I got the shade puff  since on my pale face it didn’t make me look like a clown, it just blended into a natural blushing look. Overall,  Glossier’s Cloud Paint scores 10/10.

Boy Brow 

img_5427Glossier’s grooming pomade the Boy Brow($16) is their #1 bestseller.  This gave me some high expectations for this product. They have many different shades but I decided to get the shade blonde.  Little warning,  if your a blonde reading this and don’t like having dark eyebrows, then just go with the clear pomade.  Luckily for me,  I love having darker eyebrows since before I could wear makeup I went years having white eyebrows aka looking like I have no eyebrows.  My only complaint is that it got a little clumpy in my brows since it was new, so I had to comb through them as a second time to make them  look natural.  The pomade did do a good job making my eyebrows look featherily with a nice shape, I don’t have a lot of eyebrow hair but it shaped the little I do have very nicely. I would rate Boy Brow a 9/10 just because of how my brows looked a little clumpy using it the first time.


img_5433I was soooooo excited to try the crème highlight($22) Haloscope due to the fact that highlighter is my favorite makeup product.  I decided on the Quartz shade because it looked like the best choice for my light skin tone.  The consistency of the product was different from anything I’ve ever felt before since it was very creamy but waxy at the same time. I liked it though because it made me feel like it wouldn’t rub off like my other highlighters do!   I loved the way it looked on my skin,  the product makes you look like your naturally glowing not like you just put glitter on your face( some of my other highlighters made me look that way and I hate that).  I rate Haloscope a 10/10 and definitely will be using this on the daily!


img_5435For my final first impression I tried the crème shadow  Lidstar, which was $18.  I decided to get the shade Moon because it would match with most of my outfits! I will admit I thought it would look more like a champagne color, but it was more glittery and blended in with the color of my eyelid.  If you want more color I would say to try out a different shade like Slip or Fawn.  The product wasn’t what I expected but I still really like it! The doe foot applicator is very interesting, it puts the perfect amount of product on your lid for you to blend out( I just used my hands to do this).  Since this is a first impression,  I haven’t really tried it out with other shadows, but once I do maybe I’ll update you guys! Overall, I rate Lidstar a 8/10 just due to the fact  it was a little more natural then expected.

After testing out Glossier, I was really happy  with my purchase!   If you don’t like to look like your wearing makeup, but you still want to enhance your looks this is the brand for you! I would totally recommend Glossier to teens, because their products are so easy to use & don’t take a lot of time to put on which is perfect for a rushed school morning.   I hope my first impression review helped you out if you were thinking about purchasing from Glossier.  I cant wait to use them on the daily.  Remember though you don’t need makeup to be beautiful, I personally just wear it because it’s fun & makes me feel confident.  Hope you guys enjoyed this post… and don’t forget you’re never fully dressed without a smile : )

xoxo- Ashlyn Weidman