Trendy ways to style Bandanas

Do you ever feel like your outfit needs something? I used to just wear my Ashlyn necklace when I was stuck. Boring and not really creative, so I started to switch up my necklaces with some new bandanas.  Who knew how different a look can be with a pop of color from a bandana!

A bandana, is a piece of cloth that started off being used by men as neckerchiefs, but sprouted into a fashion statement worn by Selena Gomez,  Justin Bieber,  Miley Cyrus,  and many more.  The piece of cloth invented 200+ years ago is now being worn in many people’s everyday lives.  At this point, you may be wondering how do you style these stylish pieces of fabric, so let me help you out.  Here are my top 4 favorite ways to style bandanas!



This is probably the most known/easiest way to wear a bandana. Pull your locks back with them to spice up any look.   As you can see you can also tie them in different ways to change the look you’re going for.  I personally tried to go for a girly look with the bow tied on the top of my head, a more simplistic look with the bow hidden underneath the back of my hair, and a more subtle appearance with the bandana wrapped around my messy bun.



1534276504834This is my personal favorite way to style a bandana! Having a bandana wrapped around my neck just gives me major Paris vibes.  For some reason when I wear my bandanas like this I can just imagine myself eating macaroons at a café under the Eiffel tower. I know that’s crazy of me to think, but I can’t help it because the look from above is something I totally would wear if I’d ever travel to France.  A girl can dream.  Adding bandanas on your neck can make any look stylish, even with plain white shirts or a jean jacket.



This is a location somewhat uncommon for bandanas to be placed, but I personally love it!  Say you are wearing a super cute red top, black jeans,  black converse, and a black purse, but you feel you need a little bit of red to go with your shirt.  By adding a red bandana to your bag you instantly added a unique pop to your look. From above, you can see I added a pink bandana to the black Kate Spade bag to enhance the pink tube top, and a red bandana to the navy Fjallraven backpack to go with the red in the logo of the bag.  A bandana added to a bag isn’t necessarily needed, but they do show you took that extra step to make your look great!



Last but not least you can add a bandana to your beltloop in replacement of a belt.  I know I usually love making  belts the statement pieces in my outfits, but since I discovered bandanas I’ve been trying to experiment with different ways to use them in place of belts.  One of the ways I tried was making a big bow on my DIY shorts from Lee. I absolutely fell in love with the way the mustard yellow Madewell bandana enhanced the look!

Bandanas are a staple accessory and usually very inexpensive.   I chose to stock up on several for this back to school season! I really think they will add the perfect touch to my looks.   You guys should really check out stores like Madewell & Urban Outfitters to buy some bandanas, you won’t regret it.  Or thrifters can find them in most thrift stores.   I hope my suggestions on how to style bandanas has given you options and  some good inspiration.  Please let me know in the comments below or send some pics if you have another way that you wear a bandana.

xoxo- Ashlyn Kate