Back to School Looks 2018

First Day

1535675747452For my first day look I knew I wanted to look cute but not be too dressed up.  So when I saw a green Russell Athletic dress in Urban, I was instantly intrigued. I loved the stripes on the sleeves and the circle zipper on the front. I decided to pair with the dress my Adidas superstars, rings, and my favorite Brandy Melville hoops.  Also for my hair I just straightened it because I wanted the dress to be the main focus. Overall, I really liked my choices for my first day look!


Day Two/ Picture Day


At my school our second day is the day we take our yearbook pictures.  This means I needed a neutral shirt that would look good from the shoulders up in the yearbook.  I chose to wear a mustard yellow long sleeve from Urban Outfitters.  I paired the shirt with an army green Brandy belt, a ripped jean skirt, and classic black Vans.  I really liked how this outfit turned out, but lets hope my yearbook pic actually got good this year!


Day Three


I absolutely loved my third day dress!  I knew I wanted to wear my favorite new shoes, my red high top Converse, so I made sure that they would be the statement in my outfit.  I thought denim would look good with the converse so I wore my denim dress from Urban.  Along with that I wore some of my favorite Madewell pieces ( White frilly shirt, white and gold bracelet, and a red bandana).  I put the bandana on my FjallRaven Backpack like I did in my last blog post, check it out if you haven’t already! For jewelry I wore gold Brandy hoops, and I wore my Gem and Company Lyra duo star necklace-Earth, Sun & Moon collection.   ( Use code: ASHLYNXO for 20% off)

These are all my looks from the first week of school! Usually, I would have 5 looks for a school week, but I had to wear my cheer uniform on the 4th day this week–Go Team and we didn’t have school on Friday due to Labor Day weekend!!  Expect many more school looks in the future though!!  Overall, I hope you all loved my looks from above, and comment down below what you wore on your first day of school. I love getting new ideas.  Hope you all are having fun wearing new back to school outfits!

xoxo- Ashlyn Kate