Do Fjallraven Backpacks Work For School?

July 24th, 2018


From celebrities walking the streets in LA to teens browsing stores in New York, I’ve been seeing Fjallraven backpacks in pictures all over the internet recently!  The brand makes the cutest backpacks, and has many great reviews stating things like ” I totally recommend you buy one”.  Well I took those recommendations and bought one for myself last week!

The backpack I ordered was the Kanken 17″ Laptop Backpack.  My first initial thought when I picked up my new backpack was, man this is really light!  This made me so happy because my last backpack had so much padding which made it super heavy ( It gave me the worst back problems ).  Some of the reviews said that the backpacks were pretty small, so you needed to go bigger in size.  I’m glad I did go bigger because if it would be any smaller I wouldn’t be able to fit all my school stuff in it.  Overall, the bag seems to be really good quality and perfect for school, but we will just have to wait and see…

September  1st, 2018

It’s the first day of September and I just finished my first week of sophomore year!  My backpack started off the year strong if I’d say so myself.  It gave me no back problems, held lots of materials, looked super cute with all my outfit’s ( check them out in my Back to School Looks blog post), and was large enough to put my lunch box in it.  One of my favorite features was how deep the side water bottle pocket goes. With some of my other backpacks my Swell water bottle would fall out of the side pocket, but with the Kanken I know it won’t fall out.  I definitely think that for school the 17” is the perfect size because if it was any smaller I don’t think it could hold a binder.  There are many pros to using Fjallraven backpacks, but there are also a couple cons…

With the backpack there isn’t a lot of pocket space.  The only pocket is a little one in the front.  No slots for pencils or school supplies.  It  really holds a good amount of random things a girl needs at school because it’s pretty deep but it is hard to get to the items on the bottom.  I was able to fit my glasses, wristlet, Chapstick, and lip gloss in it though.  Since that pocket was full I had to use a pencil case for my pencils, and I had to put it in the main pocket.  Having to do this, the pencil case ended up getting in the way of my books a lot, but I later discovered a thin opening in the back of the middle pocket which then solved my problem of the case getting in the way. The only other issue I was having was even though it could fit a binder it was still a tough squeeze, especially when my water bottle was in the side pocket. I noticed at the end of class I’d have to pack up a little earlier to try to get my binder in ( I only use one binder btw).


Overall, even though there are some challenges to using this backpack for a full school day they are not big enough for me not to like the backpack. It only took me a few school days to make it work for me.  This is probably my most favorite backpack that I have ever had, mainly from how cute it is & how light weight it is. Oh and I 10/10 recommend the color Royal Blue! I hope you guys liked this post, comment down below what backpack you are using this year. If  you haven’t gone back to school yet, or if this week was your first I hope your school year is a great one.

xoxo- Ashlyn Kate