Welcome Back Fall!!

Happy first day of Fall everyone!!  With the heat of summer behind us, I can finally pull out all my favorite sweaters & booties.  How could a season filled with pumpkins, Friday night football games, Halloween movies, and my birthday not be my fav.  Since this is the first day of my favorite season, I thought I’d share with y’all some of my favorite ways to get into the fall mood!

Sweater Weather


Obviously my first way to get into feeling like it’s fall, is to dress like it’s fall.  Even though where I live it’s not that cold yet, I still try to dress like it is!  Fall fashion is my favorite because it’s filled with sweaters, sweatshirts, flannels, plaid, boots, and much more.  When it comes to school, my fall look sometimes is the highlight of my day!  If things aren’t going as planned, I always can at least say ” hey, at least my outfits lookin cute”.  My biggest suggestion would be to treat yourself this September and buy a new sweater/sweatshirt!  And, if you don’t think you should treat yourself, just think hey I’ve been busting my butt since school started with homework & tests so I deserve a sweater or two… or maybe even 3.

Pumpkin Treats


Since around August many brands have been releasing all of their pumpkin related foods!  One of the biggest known items is the #psl (Pumpkin Spice Latte).  I really wanted to get one, but the thing is I’m not really a coffee person.  The only time you will see me with coffee in my hand is if I’m trying to not fall asleep in my first period chemistry class at school #boring.  Well luckily I found a solution, Starbucks can make a pumpkin spiced chai tea latte.  It’s made with the same mix they use for their chai tea, but with an addition of the pumpkin spice.  (Tip: mix your drink up  with a spoon because all the spices go to the bottom and make it really spicy at the end).  Besides Starbucks some of my favorite fall food items are apple cider, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cheerios, and basically anything pumpkin spiced.   Also, I loveeee caramel apples, but I still have to wait one more year to eat them when I get my braces off- I feel like I’ve had these braces on forever 😦

Autumn Adventures



Today in celebration of the first day of fall,  my mom and I went to get pumpkins & gourds!  The location we went to had some of the best pic opportunities, so you know we had to to take advantage of the opportunity to get some blog pics.  The trip was a success besides the fact that we didn’t know the pumpkin farm only took cash… and we only had 15 dollars with us. When it comes to other adventures, I also have going to a corn maze & apple orchard on my fall bucket list as well!  My friends and I went last year and it was so much fun, so I can’t wait to go again  this year.

Autumn Vibes


Last but not least we have Autumn vibes, I know what you may thinking what does she mean by Autumn vibes.  What I mean is cozying up on a cold Saturday night, relaxing watching your favorite Halloween Movie after a long week of school work. Then lighting your favorite fall candle while putting on some fuzzy socks. This is what I mean by fall vibes, it’s just the things you do to put you into the fall spirit!  Some of my favorite movies I would recommend are The Nightmare Before Christmas, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Halloweentown, and Twitches.  I also recommend the candle Pumpkin Pecan Waffles from Bath and Body Works.  Some of you may prefer different fall vibes like going to haunted houses and watching scary movies but that’s not my style. #not yet #needaboyfriendforthose


Each season brings new changes. I personally can’t wait to witness the changes this fall, especially since my 16th bday is this fall and I will have to learn to drive. ( I’m practicing for the first time tomorrow, wish me luck… don’t worry it will be in a parking lot,  I’m not driving underage on the roads). Another change is it will be my first fall blogging and I can not wait!!  So keep on the lookout for my posts, they will probably be on weekends due to me doing homework all night every night unfortunately !  Now stop reading this and get out and enjoy the fall!

xoxo-Ashlyn Kate