Perfect Day for a Photo Shoot

October 7th, 2018

Today my friend Ruby  and I decided to do a fun fall photo shoot!  In the summer, I was able to do shoots all the time for my blog & insta, but since school has started I haven’t really had the time.  We both agreed that our insta feeds have been struggling, so we needed to step it up.  We decided to go to 3 very different locations…




For our first location we headed to Lancaster city.  As you see by a bunch of my insta posts I really enjoy this little city.  Lancaster, PA was named a top-10 “coolest city” to visit in 2018 by Forbes magazine.  Lancaster has been called a mini Brooklyn.  Anyway, while we were hunting for picture locations, I remembered a cute little café I had been to before.  The café had lattes with designs on them, and the number signs you usually see in LA instagrammers pics at Urth Caffe.  I knew these would be perfect props for photos! We tried a couple different locations in the café, and then we decided to head on over to Rachel’s Café.

If you have read my perfect rainy day post, you would remember Rachel’s café with the iconic yellow wall.   Since Ruby had a professional camera we could experiment with a bunch of different angles and cool shots.  Ruby is such a good photographer, so I was so happy with all the pics.  As for me though,  it was my first time using a professional camera, so I was trying my best with the shots!




Next stop on our list was Franklin & Marshall College. The 231 year old campus was beautiful!  It had brick pathways leading to huge buildings that made you feel like you were in a 1900’s colonial movie.  Also, since there were so many trees, the bright colored leaves were blowing in the wind, I’ll say it again it literally felt like a movie.  Autumn in Lancaster….   I chose to change to my second outfit for this location because I thought it matched the setting better, Ruby decided to switch looks too. We probably stayed on campus for an hour or more exploring different pathways, staircases, buildings, and archways.  This was definitely my fav location out of the 3.   I think I need to go to a college with a pretty campus because it makes your insta opportunities great.




This was the same pumpkin farm from my pictures in my welcome back fall post, but Ruby never had been there before so we decided to check it out.    This location probably had THE MOST picture location options!   The way the farm was set up, they are bound to have a bunch of teenage girls there taking insta pics.  As you can see from above it literally is a fall wonderland there!  For this location though, we had my mom there so we finally could get some pics together! I don’t drive as I mentioned before, but today I am going back out to keep practicing.  It’s less than a month away until I get my drivers permit!!!!  This place was so fun because up until then we had only been taking pics of each other.  Also,  since my mom was there,  it gave me some time to try to convince her to let me buy a professional camera like Ruby had since she could see in person how awesome the camera quality was.  I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that I can convince her that it’s a need not a want if I want to keep growing as a blogger:)



After a long day of shooting here’s some advice for y ’all.  Before you go on a photo shoot look up some of your favorite instagrammers, and get some pose ideas.  When I started doing this I realized how I looked more comfortable in my photos because I wouldn’t be stressing out coming up with pose ideas on the spot.  My second tip would be experiment with angles & props this just adds some uniqueness!  Lastly,  just HAVE FUN !!  Nothing makes a photo look better than if your pic displays confidence and joy through the phone screen.  I know I’m not a professional but this is just the best advice I could give you.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post, and that it gave you some inspiration to go do a fall photo shoot with friends.  Remember anyone can do a photoshoot all you need is any camera, a friend, and to have fun!

p.s.-  If you wanna see where my outfits are from, check out my shop my looks page.

Happy fall, xoxo- Ashlyn Kate