Tips & Tricks For a Rainy Photoshoot📷

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Last week my friend Ruby & I decided to do a photoshoot, but the only problem was it was raining! We decided to make the best of it and still go take photos anyway. Luckily it wasn’t raining that bad, so we still got some really cute pics! From our day we figured out some tips & tricks on dealing with the rain and for photoshoots in general! Plus,  I thought this would be a good way to share some of the pics ( if you wanna see more make sure to check out my Instagram, Ruby’s Instagram, or Ruby’s photography account!). If you want some photoshoot advice keep reading,  and comment down below  if you think I’m missing anything!

Restaurants are the way to go…

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If your struggling with a rainy day like we were, just look for a cute little café, or in our case a diner! We found the cutest place called Max’s Diner that had a huge light up sign, granite counter tops, spinning diner chairs, and the cutest milkshakes ever (btw- I discovered that day a new found love for strawberry milkshakes). Restaurant pictures usually look  so so cute on peoples feeds, and they are easy to take pictures @ since there are restaurants everywhere. All you need is a friend to take pics of you, or if you have no one you can use a timer cam on your phone- that one might just be a little more awkward-. Overall, restaurant pictures provide a lot of options & the workers are usually fine with you taking pics ( little shoutout to the people from Max’s for saying they would make our milkshakes look the cutest for photos & asking us how are pics were getting)

Find a cute overhang to stand under…

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Throughout our day the rain got heavier, but luckily by the time it was pouring we found a theater with a roof overhang so it was a perfect spot to take pics in the rain. I  haven’t even gotten to the best part though, there were lights all underneath the roof that looked sick in pictures! We stayed here for so long while the rain was falling- but not getting in the way of our pics-the only problem with this location was it was right next to a busy city road, which meant some people had some things to say about two girls taking a ton of pictures in front of a theater for an hour. We just ignored the comments though because we had our Instagram feeds in mind! I 10/10 recommend a location like this for a rainy day photoshoot, it doesn’t have to be a theater though, you just need to drive around to see what’s near you.

Props, Props, and more Props…

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This is the #1 thing I can recommend for a photoshoot rain or shine! Props just make everything easier because it gives you something to do with your hands, and stops you from doing the same pose over & over again. In this photoshoot, I brought along some red cat eye sunglasses to pose with, blue oval glasses that were reflective so the lights @ the theater showed up on them, and a milkshake at the diner (This was my personal favorite, yummm).The props are all based off of your location and the season. We are leaving the holiday season so now it will be a little tricky coming up with props in the dead of winter. You can also hold on to a stair case railing, sand on a beach, holding a flower in a garden, etc. If you ever need help with photos try using a prop next time because they make every photo unique.

It’s all about the angles…

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Different angles switch up the perspective of a photo. It makes the photo special in its own way. Even if your someone like me who accidently does the same pose a lot then, If you change the angle it switches up the photo which will make it a little different than the last post on your feed. Some angles might make the brightness of your photo darker or lighter depending on the location, but you can always use apps like VSCO to fix that later. I would recommend that before you go on the shoot to test out what you think your best angles would  be in the pictures, this way you avoid the classic double chin shot. I think every person has their best side.  That’s what I’ve been told.  If you need some inspiration on how to find different angles I would recommend checking out Marla Catherine’s Insta, she should give you some great ideas.

Don’t get embarrassed…

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetConfidence is key during any photo shoot. Any insecure feelings can show in a picture, so the viewer may think your uncomfortable or scared. This is why you just need to be positive no matter what the situation. Make it fun to act like a model.  I know this can be hard sometimes when your in public with people watching & sometimes even laughing, but you just need to use that as fuel and think ” yes I know these people are watching me slay this photoshoot”. Whether it’s a Grocery Store, Restaurant, or Theater, just do not worry about what others are thinking. Insecurities always do sometimes get the best of us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try our best to get past them!


(ps. The best part of a photoshoot is looking at all the bad shots and laughing about them. “What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce”- designer Karl Lagerfeld.)

I hope some of my tips and tricks will help you guys with your next photoshoot! Just remember to have fun, that’s why I love doing photoshoots. It allows you and your friends to go on an adventure & explore a new location. Just another little reminder don’t forget to check out my friend Ruby’s photography account because she is an amazing photographer!

xoxo-Ashlyn Kate