★Popular Foods in the USA

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Hey guys, today I’m doing a collab with Maisie Thompson Blogs. If you don’t follow her you wouldn’t know she is from England, which means she enjoys different restaurants & foods then where I live in the United States!  We thought it would be a cool idea to compare popular foods from England to some of my U.S. favorites.   If you wanna see what Maisie thinks are England’s most popular foods,  make sure to check out her post! Her blog is literally so adorable, and I know you guys will love It!( Btw- If you are wondering where I got the photos for this post, most of them are from Pinterest)

⋆Avocado Toast⋆



This is my favorite breakfast treat. It’s super easy to make, and literally tastes so so good. I make mine with wheat bread, avocado obviously, Trader Joes “everything bagel” mix, and if I’m feeling boujee a dippy egg on top. Almost every single cute aesthetic coffee shop in America has avocado toast. I’m sort of happy that they are really trendy right now because they actually offer options🥑🥑that are healthy and tasty.


⋆Coffee, Coffee, and more Coffee⋆


Lattes, Cappuccino, and Mochas galore! This one definitely isn’t only popular in the U.S . because people have caffeine addictions everywhere. There is so much to do everyday, that there is just no time for sleep. Also, it tastes great while giving you energy. Coffee shops are all the rage right now, and I’ve seen so many- including on my insta feed- coffee shop pics! I’m not complaining though, since they usually look so cute. Sometimes I wonder how much money people have spent on coffee in the U.S. yearly, because I know so many people that buy coffee before school on the daily. Lets calculate: Grande Caffe Latte $3.65 at Starbuck times 365 days in year= $1,332.25 a year of a daily latte.  I’m not surprised though, cause everyday I know I need a caffeine pick me up before a long school day too!

⋆Acai Bowls⋆

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetThis probably is my favorite item on the list. If you have been living under a rock then, you wouldn’t know what an acai bowl is. Well here is the recipe or definition- it’s a really thick smoothie that’s topped with oatmeal, fruit or peanut butter and you eat it with a spoon. They have been ALL OVER social media. I have seen so many Instagram, VSCO, and Pinterest posts with acai bowl pics. Most of the time you see them more in city cafes or cute beach restaurants   (especially in places like Florida & California), but I have found amazing acai bowls in a place closer to me since I can’t go to Florida to get acai bowls! They are from a place called Oola bowls and they taste great. I could eat them everyday if I could! The texture of their acai makes it seem like your eating ice cream, but better! Overall, if you haven’t tried an acai bowl then you need to!




If we are being honest I’m not the biggest fan of Chipotle, but my brother is probably one of their biggest fans. I loveeee burritos, but I can’t handle spice. For some reason literally everything Chipotle makes is way too spicy for me, so I usually choose to go to Neato Burrito instead. My friends & family love Chipotle so much and go 24/7. I will admit  though there is one thing I can eat @ Chipotle… their chips. They have such a good flavor because they has lime and sea salt on them. Overall, Chipotle may not be my favorite but it sure is for most of America.  In 2017, statistics show there are over 2,400 Chipotle restaurants worldwide.

⋆Ice Cream⋆

img_9640This is the perfect summer treat, and I know that for a fact since a ton of people love it! Last summer I worked @ a Rita’s Italian Ice which if you don’t know it is an ice cream shop. Most of the time it would always be packed full of people wanting ice cream cones, milkshakes, and Italian ice. They offer so many different kinds and flavors that it’s hard to get sick of it! Mango and Swedish Fish Ice were the top flavors.  My go to treat at Rita’s always was salted caramel custard with Reese’s peanut butter cups & sometimes hot fudge! If you have a Rita’s near you pleaseee try this out,  but literally is so addicting, and as soon as you try it you’ll be hooked!

⋆Fast Foods⋆

img_9570When your talk about the most popular foods in the U.S. how could you not mention fast food. We are probably one of the most famous countries known for fast food restaurants because they are literally everywhere. Chick-fil-A, In and Out, McDonalds, Shake Shack, etc. all are eaten @ on the daily by tons of people–especially teens. Even though they are everywhere, I don’t eat at fast food restaurants often, but when I do my top choice is Chick-fil-A ! I don’t know what they put in that special sauce they make, but it sure is addicting. Love it…..They do offer salads at all these spots too. lol



This is something I could eat on the daily. Whether it’s Shrimp Tempura or California rolls, Ill eat it! The sushi industry is really growing in the U.S., and I’m so down for it. Sushi is literally everywhere- Grocery stores, Japanese restaurants, malls, etc.- but just be careful where you purchase yours! Overall, I know not everyone is a fan of sushi, but just don’t say no to it until you try it.


⋆Burgers & Fries⋆



This is just classic American cuisine. 99.9% of the restaurants in America will have a burger and fries on the menu. It’s just a easy meal to choose if you don’t know what to get. I personally don’t really get burgers at restaurants too much, but I love it when my dad makes burgers on the grill. Its a summer fav of mine especially on the 4th of July! French fries though do get a 10/10 as a side for me.




I hope you guys enjoyed Maisie’s & my collab!! Don’t forget to check out her post if you haven’t already! Now go grab yourself a cup of coffee and avocado toast because I’m sure your hungry after reading this, I sure know I am.

xoxo- Ashlyn Kate