Weekend @ the Beach

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Happy Spring everyone!! The calendar said Spring arrived last week, but it hasn’t really felt like spring where I live so I decided to pretend it was Summer and headed to the beach lol.  Last weekend my school had spring break which meant no school, no work, and relaxation! To spend this time off, my friend Sarah, and our moms all decided to head to the beach, even though it was only 45 degrees outside. It was supposed to be a great trip, until… I got sick, in fact I’m still sick at the moment as I’m writing this! We decided though last week to still go on the trip and try to make the best of things! I sure am glad that we still decided to go…

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Our trip started on Saint Patrick’s Day, where the Luck of the Irish was not in my favor. I was not feeling the best with a sinus infection, but luckily I started feeling a little better after I got some caffeine in me aka my fav starbucks drink a caramel machiatto with almond milk. After a two and a half hour drive we arrived @ our destination, the Inn at Canal Square in Lewes, Delaware. This place was the cutest because number one the inside was very aesthetically pleasing, and it had a huge boat dock right beside that was perfect for pictures. We dropped off our bags here, took a couple pics then headed to Rehoboth beach, De.
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When we arrived at Rehoboth  it was chillyyyyy! We had to stack on alllll the layers to keep warm! We also decided to keep warm by getting some foods to help, my favorites Grottos pizza and Fisher’s popcorn. –Totally recommend getting warm caramel corn.  It was delicious and we were starving, so it made the food taste 10 times better. It’s just really fun to go to the beach in the off season because you get to have special beachy  foods and go on the beach in March.  Honestly though, I’d rather be in Fiji. haha… Since we were now warm and full , it was picture taking time. We headed to the beach and it was time to take off the coat. I was  freezing but I kept telling myself ” do it for the gram Ashlyn” I knew the 10 minutes of not being able to feel my fingers would lead to my next Instagram post. My friend Sarah is such a good photographer, so she was able to take a bunch of cute pics. After our pictures we decided to look at some shops. My main goal was to find cool sunglasses and beachy necklaces, and that is exactly what I got. We went on a hunt and after five stores we both found two pair of  sunglasses, (tip: beach areas have such trendy and inexpensive sunglasses 2 pair for only $20) and shell necklaces that you guys will be seeing on my Instagram soon!

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When we were done exploring @ Rehoboth beach we headed back to our Inn to relax a little bit, and at this point I really needed it. I was feeling drained and I was about to stay in for the night, but after two warm wash clothes and some Tylenol I was ready to take on the night. We went to a restaurant my mom and my friends mom had been to the year prior and they loveddddd it! The place is called Agave and they have great burritos! Before we ate there we decided to take some pictures since it was golden hour, this is where things get interesting… While I was taking some pictures in the road two men came up to me and handed me their dogs. Obviously, I was confused so I just stood there like an idiot and got my picture taken.  They said they wanted their dogs in the picture, so we took a photo and then they took there dogs back. If you look at the photo then you can see how confused I looked.  I do love dogs so it was kinda funny. Our dinner ended up being really good and Sarah and I  had mock- margaritas, Guacamole, chips, salsa, and burritos . After dinner we were talking about going to Irish Eyes a local harborside tavern for an Irish dessert but ended up at the Inn watching American Idol.

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This day we decided to stay a little closer to our hotel day 2, this would mean staying in the town of Lewes! A cute little beach town filled with tons of shops and restaurants. The night prior I had seen a place called Nectar that was a café & juice bar, and it reminded me of the place in LA that all of my favorite youtubers go to. We decided to go there for breakfast, but before that it was picture time! We saw a cute plaza and a bunch of spring flowers which meant we had to take pics.  Sarah pulled out her sunglasses and put them over the lens which made a really cool effect. Totally recommend to try that! Now that photos had been taken it was time to eat

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Nectar was the cutest café I have ever been to. It was filled with quircky antique items everywhere, a huge fire place, ceramic plates, clocks, and much more. The inside had so many picture opportunities available. For breakfast,  I decided to get an iced caramel latte & an acai bowl. The food was very good and gave me some energy for the day. The interesting thing with Lewes was that they only had paper straws available, I’m not the biggest fan of paper straws, but I do want to #save the turtles so I was happy with their investment to the cause. After we ate we went to a couple super cute shops.   One was a pet store filled with the cutest dog items, a book store with punny notebooks and pins, and a vintage store with records galore. It was super fun to explore the town, but it was time for us to head home. First though we had one more stop to make… we hadddd to pick up a Grottos pizza for the road.  Pizza made a great on the road snack and I won’t get Grottos until the summer again.   Soon we were home though and back to reality and homework. ugh

So that was my girls trip to the beach! I had a great time despite being sick and made some great memories.  Ours moms just say they like getting out the zip code and I agree.   Overall, I hope you guys enjoyed my blog post and I hope you liked getting a little peek into my trip! Make sure to follow my blog if you want to keep up with my posts. Have a fab week!

xoxo- Ashlyn Kate