Turning myself into my Pinterest page…

Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog! Today we are gonna be talking about one of  my favorite things… Pinterest. I have been obsessed with Pinterest lately. Whenever we have a break @ school, you can find me swiping through my Pinterest feed. If you have been living under a rock & don’t know what Pinterest is, it is an app that is filled with artsy photos that are customized to your liking by the boards that you make and follow. For example, some of the boards I have are Inspiration, Outfits, Beach Vibes, Mood Boards, etc. This is why I could look through Pinterest all day because all the pictures are of things I love. Since I have been so into Pinterest lately, I thought it would be fun to re- create some of my fav pics from my boards! So if you wanna see me “turn myself into my Pinterest page” keep on reading.

★𝓐𝓼𝓱𝓵𝔂𝓷 𝓿𝓼 𝓟𝓲𝓷𝓽𝓮𝓻𝓮𝓼𝓽★

71f17b36-45b9-4453-b65f-f83a25f10e77My first picture was pretty easy to re- create because I literally had every item I needed to complete the look. As you can see above, this picture was a flat lay that was giving me tons of VSCO vibes. I had a very similar shirt to the one in the original pic- they both are from Brandy Melville- and I had the same Brandy star necklace. Other than that, all I needed was light wash jeans, a cream scrunchie, Pura Vida bracelet, and a silver ring. After I gathered all my items, I set up the layout on my white comforter & took the pic from an above shot. All I needed to do then was edit the pic, I used the C1 VSCO filter and raised the exposure to 1.2. Now finally I had the completed photo.

2d73622e-140d-40d5-b6ed-b9d85917faa5I loved my second picture I re-created! The original pic ( right) was from my Instagram story ideas board, and I just thought it was the cutest. To make my version obviously my first step was to take a picture of the sky. I was probably outside of my house for 10 minutes looking for the right clouds to take a photo of. When I finally got my shot it was time to edit! I added the same filter from my prior photo which made the photo look a lot more artsy. Then to add the ” I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day” I went to Instagram stories and typed it out in the type writer font, and took the drawing option to draw the sun. The funny thing about that though is since I have literally zero artistic abilities, I couldn’t even draw the little sun without it looking stupid so… I had my Mom draw it. Other than that, I think pic #2 was a success!

d84d2f47-e45a-414e-84ca-af65dae39edfEven though this picture might not look like it took too much effort… it actually was the hardest to set up. Who ever made the OG picture ( right) I have no clue how they got the tags in their shirt to lay down flat because mine just were not doing that! It took me forever to try to have them lay semi-correctly, and to have every shirt be seen. Also, I was using all different styled shirts which made it difficult to have them look all the same. Other than the struggle of setting the pic up, I really like how it ended up looking. I will definitely admit that the original one looks way better than mine, but hey I tried my best and that’s all that matters.

c13e5f2f-d83e-40c7-8be9-009ca457937cThis picture is what gave me the inspiration for this whole post! When this came up on my feed I knew I had to copy it since I knew my brother had one of those wooden figures. Step one was easy for this, my brother is in college, so I could easily ” borrow” the wooden figure! My Mom bought it for him at IKEA and he obviously wasn’t interested in it lol. All I had to do was add scrunchies, bracelets, and bend the figures arms to make it look like it’s dabbing. I thought this idea was so cute & it’s definitely one of my fav room décor pieces I have.

ec0bd3aa-4b87-4f09-8881-32c60e1472a9This was 100% my favorite picture to re-make since it meant I had to get coffee!! To make this photo my first stop obviously was Starbucks. The OG picture was a pumpkin spice latte… but it is spring and that’s not an option, so I got a caramel macchiato instead. Then I took a picture of it in the car before I got out and drank it all!  When it comes to editing- with VSCO & Instagram story- I did the same thing that I did with the cloud photo earlier. This photo was super fun & was overall my fav to do.

627203af-ce66-401c-bf95-3c472ef4839aThis photo may look familiar to you if you follow me on Instagram because I posted a photo similar to it that was inspired by the Pinterest pic. Once again, since I have no artistic abilities,  I got some help drawing the sun in this picture. It’s fine though because it looks super cute. I really love this picture from my beach vibes board on Pinterest, but when I was at the beach re- creating the pic it was 40 degrees outside so I could not put my feet in the water without being freezinggg.

33d41780-5339-4ab6-9ba2-e9bc50a0fc1dLast but not least we have one of the most popular poses I see on Pinterest. This pose is the classic hand out blocking your face a little, and having your hand in a position where you are blocking the sun to put a little shadow on your face. I love this pose and it is easy to do in a photoshoot if you don’t know what pose to do. This is funny since I was doing a shoot with my friends, ran out of poses, and then did this pose. I loved how the pic turned out though and I will definitely be doing this pose more often in shoots!

Thanks for checking out my recreated pics from my Pinterest! I 10/10 recommend you try re- creating pictures from your Pinterest page if you have one because it’s honestly so fun and will give you so many cute ideas. It helps me with learning how to be creative.  It is very inspirational!!! Also, if you do re-make any photos feel free to add your own little flair in them to spice them up & make it more your style! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and comment down below which re- creation was your favorite.

xoxo- Ashlyn Kate