❀Summer Bucket List❀

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Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog! Right now, I am on spring break which means summer is right around the corner! Unfortunately, before I achieve my 3 months full of good vibes I first have to get past finals, standardized tests, and tons of studying, so I think I might need some motivation… and what’s better motivation than a list of all the things I wanna accomplish this Summer. I hope my bucket list I have created gives you guys some inspiration on how you want to spend your Summer. Also, to make things more interesting I thought at the end of the Summer I would make a blog post to update y’all on all the things I accomplished on this list, so that way I don’t end up spending my whole Summer binge watching Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl like I usually do! So with out further a do here’s my Summer 2019 bucket list…

  1. Watch a sunrise & sunset☀
  2. Visit a waterfall
  3. Go thrifting
  4. Try yoga☮
  5. Go to a drive-in movie
  6. Beach day
  7. Take a long bike ride
  8. Photoshoots, photoshoots, and more photoshoots📷
  9. Go hiking
  10. Start a grateful journal
  11. Go to a concert
  12. Have a bonfire
  13. Driveeee
  14. Have a day @ the lake
  15. Do something spontaneous
  16. Go mini golfing
  17. Learn to cook more things
  18. See a movie on a rainy day☂
  19. Find a sunflower field
  20. Visit a college
  21. Blog, obviously💻
  22. City trip
  23. Visit a carnival
  24. Spend ➋➍ hours off of social media
  25. Workout
  26. Earn $$$
  27. Volunteer
  28. Get tan
  29. Learn something new

This concludes my Summer bucket list! I am super excited for what this summer has to bring, so I can’t wait to get the good times rolling. Also, since I won’t have school I’ll have more time to blog, so comment down below any blog posts you wanna see from me. Hope y’all have the best day

xoxo- Ashlyn Kate