See ya School… Howdy Summer

Hey guys long time no see! Welcome back to my blog, if you are wondering where I’ve been you can ask my high school teachers because all I’ve been doing over the past month is work, work, and more work. Now that my finals are over & the SATs complete I can finally get back to blogging ~ woohoo~. Since it’s Summer and all my fellow teens have gone from having too much to do, to not having enough to do I thought I would share with you guys 6 things you can do ( for free) this summer to pass the time. I’m so happy to be back on my blogging grind, so stay tuned for more content this summer! Now let’s get on with it…

☼#1- Make a beachy playlist


One thing that happened during my break from the blog was I got my drivers license! I know its crazy I can’t believe it either, but when you’re driving around you need some bops to listen to. Some songs on my summer playlist are Island in the sun by Weezer, Beach Bummer by No Vacation, Tongue Tied by Grouplove, and any literally any song by Surfaces. When you have a good playlist it just makes everything better lol.

☼#2 Photo shoots obvi


Anyone who knows me knows I will do a photoshoot at any time at any place because I loveee them. It’s just so fun because it gets you out of the house hanging out with your friends or even your mom lol and just having a good time. You don’t even need a professional camera, I  simply just use my phone and it gets the job done.  Here are some of the pictures I’ve taken during my mini blogging break…


☼#3 Find free concerts/ sit outside concert venues

If you live anywhere near a city or a stadium this is perfect free season for you, but if you don’t… I’m sorry.  This is really fun because instead of paying money to go into a concert you can sit outside of it and #1 you can still hear the music perfectly fine and #2 your ballin on a budget. There are many concerts where I live, but they are always so packed, so if you want to have a more chill time & save money, sit outside.  Plus, if you aren’t a fan of country, like myself- or another genre it is okay to go find a hill  and not have to spend the cash.

☼#4 Have a @ Home Spa Day

Everyone needs a good day of relaxation especially after 9 months of excessive work. Grab a face mask, a bath bomb, some meditation music, and head on over and relax in a bath. You deserve some time to treat yourself so do it! Think of everything you accomplished in the school year, at work, or activities and just chillax. Btw if you are looking for any good face masks I 10/10 recommend you try Kiehls.

☼#5 Go Outside and Exercise

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This is the easiest freebie out there just because anyone can get outside and ride a bike, go on a hike, tan, walk your dog, and literally do just about anything.  You can do all of this by yourself or with friends. Also, while you’re outside you can get some exercise in to stay fit & healthy. I  recommend looking up exercise routines on Pinterest or YouTube because they really give you some good inspiration on what workouts you should try.

☼#6 Start a Blog


This is obviously my favorite on this list because starting a blog has definitely been one of my favorite things I have ever done. My blog has definitely helped shape me into the person I am today, and anyone who is reading this or is following me, I can’t thank you all enough.

Comment down below what fun ~ free~ things you think you’ll be doing this summer, and make sure to follow my blog to stay up to date on what’s coming up this summer from Ashlyn Kate xo

xoxo- Ashlyn Kate