A Day in the Life

June 7th 2019

✮9:00 am✮

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I started off my first day of Summer break by driving to the gym. On the car ride there, I listened to my new playlist which I had been saving to listen to on my 1st day of Summer.  If you wanna see some of the songs on this playlist make sure to check out my last blog post. When I arrived at the gym it was time to get running.  I ran for a mile on the treadmill, did some abdominal workouts, and used some of the machines, but by around 10:30 I was ready to head home.

✮12:30 am✮

After lunch, I went over to one of my cheer captain’s house.  My cheer squad planned a car wash for the upcoming weekend to earn money for next season.  We decided to make posters to advertise to cars driving by.  This was super fun because my friends and I were all just hanging out, making the posters, and eating Chick-fil-a . My only problem was my stupid contact was torn, and I couldn’t take it out since I had to drive home so my vision was totally off  the whole time I was there. ughhh (New driver tip:  always keep your spare pair of glasses in your car)…. By around two though we had enough posters so I headed home.


Since I had just finished school,  my mom decided to treat me to a pedicure for the Summer. I was so happy about this because my job this Summer is being a lifeguard at a local hotel which means you’re wearing flip-flops to work.  I decided to go with the color watermelon by Essie nail polish which is super pretty “a creamy and refreshing juicy red” according to Essie.



My friend Serenity was hosting a first day of Summer potluck at her house where everyone brings different foods. I wasn’t too creative when it came to that aspect because all I could think of was Rice Krispie treats lol. On the way to this potluck my mom saw a vintage gas pump that she thought was artsy, so she pulled the car over and made my friend Akiva and I hop out and take pictures. We couldn’t stop laughing the whole time because my mom kept making funny comments as she was taking the pictures. After the mini photoshoot, we made it to Serenity’s house on time.


img_4371At 5 we arrived at her house and the party had begun. We spent the whole night eating, taking pictures, playing the app Psych, having water ballon fights, playing manhunt and much more. At first @ the party I wasn’t planning on getting wet so I didn’t bring any spare clothing, but when I walked to the front of Serenity’s house I got sprayed with a hose which made me decide ” well if I’m already wet I might as well get soaked”. I thought that then I could maybe dry off while running around playing manhunt, but I was the first one out which meant that idea failed lol. It was okay that I was the first one out though because for the first time literally ever I wasn’t the last person to get picked for a team ~ yayyyy~ I had a mini celebration for this because in every other scenario I’m  usually the last one picked. I guess I’m not considered athletic but that doesn’t usually stop me from trying!



By 11:30 it was time to go home for the night aka the end of Summer day #1.  This day was so fun & the best way to kick off Summer!  I will admit, the best part of the day was the ending because there was the most beautiful sunset ever that night. The sky started off looking like cotton candy with a pastel pink & blue, but within 30 minutes it turned into a bright purple, pink, and orange color. It was an amazing ending to an amazing day.

I hope you guys enjoyed this “Day in my life” blog post. I’m so happy to share this day with y’all since It was jam packed with things I love. Stay tuned for more blog posts like this during SUMMER 2019 woohoo!

xoxo- Ashlyn Kate