Mural photoshoot ends in ER

Friday, July 19th was surely my most eventful day of my summer. Obviously from the title you’re probably wondering ” what does she mean by ER,” but that story takes place later on so you will just have to keep on reading. It all starts where most of my blog posts start, in Lancaster having a photoshoot…


My Mom had found an article online about a bunch of murals scattered around Lancaster city with a map to each location. I knew this would be a perfect photoshoot opportunity & an adventurous summer experience. I called up my friend Jake, who is an awesome photographer, and headed to mural #1 “Two Dudes Painting Company”. I had a feeling this location would be my favorite because their mural had an old 70’s Volkswagen Bus on it!! Yes, stay trippy little hippies here we come.  When we arrived we had an awesome surprise.  They had two of the actual VW Buses there, not just the one on the mural. On the side of their building there was also a huge wall colored in bright yellow, blue, purple, and orange. I 10/10 recommend vibrant walls for a fun photoshoot.  The pictures from this location turned out great, and one of the guys working there said he would check out my blog ( hi, if your reading this lol).


Our next mural stop was “Mosaic: The Peaceable Kingdom”. This piece reminded me a lot of the Lion King from all the animals & vines made out of the stained glass. I thought this was cool since the new Lion King just came out this week and I’m super excited to see it! Besides the mural there was also more stained glass on a staircase, and a cute little seat in the brick.  Just an FYI,  there isn’t always the best parking at some spots and you have to figure out how to stay out of the no parking zones in the city. Each mural was in unexpected locations, so it really was like a scavenger hunt to try to find all of them. This one was a lot smaller than the picture made it look, so we kept passing it lol.


Our last two murals we almost gave up on finding, saying they were hidden is an understatement! “West Grant Street garage” & “West Grant Street, near Water” took us forever to find. We kept taking laps around the same street. Both were down alley ways, so they weren’t visible from the street. When we did find them it was worth it because both murals were true pieces of art. Going mural hunting really showed me you can find BEAUTIFUL art in unexpected places. Searching for murals was a super fun way to pass time, and it showed me that you don’t have to spend money to see an art gallery you can just walk around a city.  Besides murals, art can be found in sculptures, graffiti, and much more. I definitely plan on doing another mural hunt in the future!

Post photoshoot we headed over to Wegmans for lunch. Jake and I were indecisive so we decided to get a buffet of fruit, Chinese food, subs, pizza, and cookies galore. It was so good, but I was feeling a little unhealthy after that so we headed to the gym.  I’ve talked about my gym workouts before so I don’t need to repeat those details. After the gym we rode bikes to the pool and swam until it closed. This is when my day took a twist to the down hill… literally

The bike I was riding was more of an old fashioned 10 speed bike with the gears & brakes in different locations then the bikes I usually ever ride.  My bike started going pretty fast on a downhill slope and since I had trouble braking  I couldn’t turn fast and I started a turn late and the next thing I know my bike skid and my face was hitting a metal fence. I sort of blacked out because all I remember was me about to hit the the fence and then me laying on the concrete. Luckily we had towels from the pool so I could compress the cut around my eye. The first thing I did was call my Mom & Jake called his Mom. When they arrived my parents took me to the ER. I ended up staying there from 8:00 pm to 2:00 am. I had X-rays on my face and arms, all my bruises cleaned, and stitches done above & below my eye at 1 am. A plastic surgeon did my stitches, so I think I’m gonna tell people I got plastic surgery over the summer lol. If there is one piece of advice I could give you all from this story is please always wear a helmet, I learned that the hard way, cause now as my brother would say I look like beat up Steve from Stranger Things.  By the way, I put a filter on the eye pics because its really does look nasty.


I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post, unfortunately there won’t be any more photoshoot blog posts for a little while ( praying my wounds all heal quickly). but I’ll still be trying to get more content out for y’all to read. I’ll have plenty of time since I can’t swim or go in the sun….Overall, this experience has taught me that you never know what can happen.  I go to the beach and families all ride bikes without helmets including mine.    I never would have thought when I was taking photos & swimming at the pool that I would end up in the ER.  Just remember everyone, live everyday to the fullest & always wear a helmet while your at it!

xoxo- Ashlyn Kate