𝘕𝘠𝘊 10/11/19

Long time no see everybody! Sorry its been over a month since I last posted, but since school started my schedule has been packed. They weren’t lying when they said junior year is a hard one! Luckily though I’m having a 4 day weekend- thanks to Columbus Day- that is allowing me to make a post for y’all. I just got back from visiting my brother in NYC yesterday, and since you guys loved my other New York blog posts I thought this was the perfect post to do. So to be able to fill y’all in on my trip we have to go back to the beginning, the morning of October 11th.


My mom and I got on the train @ 8:10 to arrive into Penn Station  @ 11:30. Our first stop was obviously our hotel to drop off our bags. The hotel was called Moxy and it was in the flower district of New York, the whole street was lined with flower shops galore. Moxy was the cutest & trendiest hotel I’ve ever stayed at! The aesthetic was adorable and the ceilings had screens with quoted phrases that would go across the screen, there was a cute little cafe, and the room had tiled bathroom that had “Get Wild” engraved on the wall. If you want a photo worthy hotel to stay at definitely check out Moxy.


Originally our first stop was gonna be Hudson Yards, but I accidentally led us in the wrong direction! It ended up working out though because we ended up at Bryant Park. Tip: If things don’t go as planned, don’t stress, just work with what you got! This park was so cute once again there was a lot of flowers but there was also a carousal & people juggling. Just a really cute place to people watch.  Two little girls went on the carousal and it was just too cute! By then my mom and I were getting really hungry, so we went to a huge Whole Foods. We ended up not finding anything we really wanted, so decided to just head on over to Hudson Yards


Going to Hudson Yards meant it was Subway time! The Subway is always an interesting situation because your crammed into a small space with a bunch of people you don’t know, but that’s something I love about New York. Everyone has a diffrent story and are  traveling by subway for a certain reason that you don’t know, but for that one second of passing them on the street or seeing them on the subway you never know what those people are in the city for. Next we arrived in Hudson Yards.  Our first stop there was at the new mall that was built, and since we were starving we went straight to the food location may brother recommended. You take an escalator from the main floor to Mexico in America!…. the whole area is called Viva a Espana and it has different food locations of Mexican food similiar to a food court.   My mom and I got delicious paninis and churros with chocolate. Even though I have taken Spanish since middle school I still had issues trying to read the menus, so we pretty much ordered what ever was easiest to read.


After we were done eating we went and did some shopping at Zara, Uni Glo, and H&M. If you want to see some things I purchased check out the “shop my looks page”. All that shopping made us parched so we stopped at Blue Bottle Cafe to get coffee & tea. I got a cafe mocha and my mom got a type of matcha to try something new. She thought is tasted like dirt, but I surprisingly liked it! Now it was Vessel time, one of NYC’s  newest attractions, it is a huge piece of art work that you can walk up to 150ft high and see over New York. I personally am afraid of heights so I only went half way up. The view from half though was still crazy, my mom and I took some time to just sit inside the vessel and people watch since you could see everyone above you in the vessel and below you on the ground. It was an insane experience & a great insta post opportunity! People in NYC take as many photos as me lol.

By then my brother had gotten off of work and came to meet up with us! I haven’t seen him in a month so I was super excited. He was hungry from a long day of work & our reservation was coming up soon so we headed to dinner @ Catch. Catch is a very popular seafood restaurant that is known for their hit me cake that the Kardashians & Victoria Secret models put on their stories. My fam and I got sushi rolls, pasta, and mahi mahi wonton tacos. The food was super good, but I will warn you guys the serving size is very small. We told our waiter we wanted 3 tacos and he was like ” Are you sure about that?” we were like ya, then the waiter proceeded to bring out three tacos that were the size of about two inches. We were like well at least he attempted to warn us!

After dinner we headed back to the hotel to prepare fro NYC day 2, October 12th


Day 2 started off with Starbucks coffee, Brooklyn Bagels, and  a Fashion Institute of Technology visit. On our way to the bagel shop we saw FIT was having an open house, so since I’ve been looking into colleges we went inside and found out some info. Of course after this I went into the FIT store and got a sweatshirt since that’s what I always do when I visit a college! After our spontaneous college visit we got our bagels then headed back to Hudson Yards to visit were my brother works! We did some more shopping there then went to my brothers apartment.


My brother lives right near Soho which meant more shopping! I went to Aritzia for the first time and bought the most comfy biker shorts & leggings, I also went to other stores but was unsuccessful with finding anything : ( Soho is a fun place to do browsing though since every stores layout just is so aesthetically pleasing!


Now its time for one of my favorite parts of the trip. Last month I finished watching all the FRIENDS seasons for the first time! It has became one of my favorite shows ever. We went to Greenwich Village to the find the FRIENDS apartment building that Monica, Rachel, Chandler, and Joey lived in. I know the show was filmed in California but in New York this was the apartment building they “lived in” on the tv show. The apartment was so cute & it really made my day feeling like I was walking down the streets that Monica & Rachel were walking.

The rest of my day was pretty chill cause we went back to my brothers apartment, hung out for a little while, went and got pasta, and then headed back to Penn Station to go home. That was my little 40 hour NYC adventure, thank you guys for reading all the way to here.  Make sure to give this post a like & comment

See Ya Next Time , xoxo- Ashlyn Kate