2020 Room Makeover

Hey MTV welcome to my crib! For todays post I’m going to show you my room transformation. This year for Christmas the #1 thing I wanted was a room makeover, and I’m so happy with how it turned out. I can’t wait to show you all my new room for the new decade upon us, so keep on reading…

c7594b3d-b6cf-466d-9e4f-a03985c4cc0cHere is what my room originally looked like. Don’t get me wrong it was a great room, but it has been the same since my family moved to this house years ago and the cloud blue walls had to go.  What I liked as a middle schooler is different than what I like as a junior in high school. I knew I wanted to arrange my room to make it more spacious & paint my room white to make it brighter and more modern.  My OG blue color was cute for a while, but it just didn’t match with the room decor I wanted. I found my inspo aesthetic through Pinterest, and I knew I wanted a trendy, minimalistic, and sleek room.


Here is my new room!! I am obsessed with how it turned out, it’s exactly how I wanted it to look. Luckily for me we got a lot of really good deals on the furniture and decor. Urban Outfitters was having a really good Black Friday sale, so I got my rose gold comforter, jewelry holder, and fairy lights at a great discount. Another good deal is when I got my  Ikea dresser they gave us the wrong color, so they gave us a really good discount! At first I wasn’t a fan of the neutral wood dresser because I was really set on the white one, but when we put the white glass top on- that was meant for a white dresser lol- I ended up really liking it. Also, my Ikea clothing rack was only $13 and I totally think it really makes my room. If I had to recommend anything from my room to you guys it would be the clothing rack, it adds extra clothing storage and allows you to show off some of your favorite clothing pieces. My fam also got a new tv for Christmas, which allowed me to get the older one for my room! Now I get to watch my fav YouTubers on the big screen. Overall, I love how my new room looks, and I’m so thankful for how it turned out! My room does have one more special aspect though…


When I was on  Tik Tok one day I saw a video of Madison Beer’s room, and it literally looked like the galaxy!! I did some research to find out it was the bliss lights sky light. I totally loved it, so I put it on my Christmas list and now my room looks like a galaxy at  night! My room is so relaxing since at night I just lay in bed with my new weighted blanket, with the galaxy above me, my essential oil defuser putting calming scents in my room, and my fairy lights adding brightness.

aa2a870d-00d0-4d26-9fb5-9babe22a0b88You may of thought this blog post was over, but it actually isn’t lol. I wanted to give you some tips & tricks on how to make your room look like the aesthetic Pinterest room pics. #1 are the fairy lights, so many Pinterest rooms have fairy lights, but no one ever tells you the best way to hang them. What I found worked the best was using command hooks. They are super easy to put on the wall, and are only like $5. #2 are the wall picture collages. I have seen seen the Tezza collage kits everywhere recently, but the kit is $89 dollars. I decided to just print off some photos that I really liked to hang on my wall which was a lot cheaper &  I loved how it looked! Lastly #3 is I see a ton of wall mirrors that people post ootds in, but big mirrors are pricy. What I did was I used a mirror from Target that a lot of people but in Dorm rooms, and I put some stickers on it to make it look cute & trendy. These tips all were super helpful while I was doing my room, so I wanted to help you guys too in case your interested in redoing your room!

I really hope y’all love my room as much as I do & that my tips were helpful! I feel like going into a new year having a fresh start feels good, so having a new room really is setting the Good Vibes for 2020. I truly think that doing a little feng shui changes the energy of a room, so my tip for all of you is even if you not redoing your room just move some things around and change your space to start 2020 with a changed environment with new adventures ahead.

xoxo- Ashlyn Kate