A 10/10 Philly Trip

Rex Orange County has been my favorite artist for over a year now, so when I heard he was coming to Philadelphia I knew I had to try to go see him in person! Luckily we worked everything out which allowed my friend Keeley and I to have the best night ever seeing Alex O’Connor perform live. Since today is Valentines Day & I’m sitting at home as single as a Pringle, I thought it would be the perfect time to fill you guys in on my trip. So If your “Stressed Out” sit back relax and enjoy this blog post.


Our trip started as we hopped on a train to Philly around 1 o’ clock on Tuesday, February 11th. The concert was that night at 8, but we were getting there early to get ready at my aunt’s apartment, go out to dinner, and get to the concert early. A huge thanks again to my aunt for letting us stay with her ( hi Aunt Susan, I know you’re probably reading this). It took us around an hour to get ready, which is “Always” the case for me lol. My aunt then took us to her favorite sushi restaurant which is where I had the best shrimp tempura EVER, ” It Gets Better” I also had insanely good edamame, California rolls, and green tea. The place was called Royal Sushi & Izakaya, and I really want to take my family there sometime because they all love sushi too. Now it was concert time! 


We thought arriving an hour early was gonna be early enough, but when we arrived to the venue, The Fillmore, we realized the line to get in was hundreds of people long. We had to walk multiple blocks to get to the end, but luckily for us we saw our friends in line and were able to hop in line with them. Some security guard was yelling if anyone cuts the line they’ll  be escorted to the end, but luckily we were able to stay with our friends because we didn’t get caught! Before we entered the line Keeley and I had an interesting encounter… these people asked if they could take a picture of us for a movie promotion. We were confused, but still said yes. They proceeded to give us Hawaiian Lays and a Fantasy Island Movie poster. Who knows maybe we will be on the movie’s Instagram page lol.  We eventually got into The Fillmore, which is usually a night club but they occasionally have concerts, the inside was so sick. The walls were glowing, they had a bunch of fog machines, and the stage was covered in clouds. We got a pretty good spot right in the middle of the floor because all the seats were general admission and it was first come first serve on the dance floor. Here is where the magic began…

Looking back at the concert it all felt like a dream, I never thought that I would get to see Rex Orange County in person so it just didn’t feel real! His voice sounds better in person  compared to how he sounds on his albums. Keep in mind his voice already is amazing on his albums, so it being even better in person is insane. The stage started out as clouds, then a curtain came down for during his slower songs, and then the curtain came up and a huge blow up silver pony was on the stage with rainbow ” Laser Lights” shining over the audience. ( The tour is the Pony tour in case you were wondering why the heck a blow up horse would be on the stage). Rainbow confetti shot over the crowd like 4 times, making the concert feel like you were inside a coming of age teenage movie. The only problem was with everyone filming, and having a huge dude standing in front of me it was hard to see at some points. Alex made that not a problem though. Towards the end of the concert for one of his most famous songs “Best Friend” he asked everyone to put their phones down for the song, he wanted everyone to live in the moment. Because he knew people wanted to capture the event to remember the memories, he told the audience how special it would be to have a moment at the concert that no one else would have known/experience besides the people at the concert. In a time where everyone is technology addicted it was a nice reminder to hear from one of your idols to take a second to live in the moment.

The first song Alex released from the Pony Album was “10/10” little did his fans know is that the songs was a foreshadowing how his concert was gonna be! I’m never gonna forget this concert for the rest of my life. If I’m being honest I had been in a funk for most of January, and the experience I had at the concert helped me feel like my normal self again. Rex Orange County sang the Alicia Keys song “No One” which reminded me of something she said when she was hosting the Grammys. During her opening speech she spoke on how music heals & brings people together, and that’s exactly what that concert did….

✩February 12th, 2020✩


Still on cloud 9 from the night prior, it was time to get out and explore the city. Our first stop was a Green Eggs Cafe, a breakfast place my aunt had recommended. They had the most boujee breakfast items! I ordered a Oreo latte & Keeley got a Nutella latte… they were amazing. Then for my main course I was feeling fancy and got red velvet pancakes. Little did I know is that they no joke weighed like 10 pounds!! ” Its Not the Same Anymore” to eat another pancake. It was 3 layers of 2 inch thick pancakes with strawberry cream cheese in between each one. I was literally so full after making the tiniest indent. Don’t worry, I brought the rest home with me.

Post breakfast it was shopping time! We first went to Anthropologie since I wanted to show Keeley that it is inside an old mansion. The architecture is gorgeous & the spiral stair case with the stain glass window never gets old. We proceeded to take pics in Rittenhouse Square, it is the perfect spot to admire the city’s skyscrapers. Lastly, we went to Urban, Brandy Melville, Free People, Madewell, and Paper Source before hailing a taxi to the train station.( That reminds me I hailed my first of many taxis on this trip! )

At the station we had around 50 minutes before having to get on the train, so we went to Saxbys. This is where I had the best chai tea latte I’ve ever had. If you have a Saxbys in your area you need to go right now it’s delicious in ” Every Way“… thx Keeley for making us go there! Last but not least I got the iconic Philly soft pretzels to bring home to my fam.

I know this was a long post so to end it off I’m gonna make it quick, and just say one thing… TRYNA KEEP MY MIND AT BAY SUNFLOWER STILL GROWS AT NIGHT WAITIN’ FOR A MINUTE ‘TIL THE SUN’S SEEN THROUGH MY EYESSSS ( Rex fans will understand🌻)

xoxo- Ashlyn Kate