My QuaranTEEN Morning Routine

☆Hey everyone☆

Hope you all are doing well during these crazy times! For today’s blog post I thought I would show y’all what my daily morning routine looks like during quarantine. I know that for everyone it’s been getting harder & harder to stay productive during these times, so use this blog post as inspiration to get out of bed today & get something accomplished. On that note let’s get my morning started…

I usually wake up around 8:00 a.m with the sun shining through my curtains. I know I was just talking about trying to be productive, but that still doesn’t mean that I can always immediately get out of bed! I’m not gonna lie,  I typically watch an episode of All American, Dawsons Creek, or YouTube videos before I even take try to step out of my bed. Once I finally take that first step though I head to the bathroom to do my morning skincare routine & brush my teeth. In case you’re curious my current skincare routine has consisted of 3 products that I 10/10 recommend.


  1. Kiehls cucumber herbal conditioning cleanser
  2. SkinCeuticals Vitamin C serum
  3. Kylie Skin face Moisturizer

Post skin care I head downstairs to my kitchen and drink a big glass of water since they say the best way to stay healthy is to stay hydrated, so if you haven’t had water yet today STOP READING and go get a big cup of agua, add a lemon if you’d like, and drink up! Next, I go and take my vitamins. My fam and I love the brand Olly, I take the women’s multi vitamins & probiotic vitamin, and I really feel like I notice a difference in my health by taking them. Recently, I’ve added elderberry immune vitamins & Vitamin D to my collection! If your interested in starting to take vitamins during quarantine but don’t wanna go out, amazon sells all of the Olly vitamins! (Here’s the link)

img_5040Now it’s time for my fav part of the whole day… Breakfast! It’s become my favorite meal of the day. Today, I had 2 rice cakes. One had peanut butter with bananas and the other had Nutella with raspberries on it. This has been my go to breakfast, but I also like making avocado toast, eggs, and English muffins. Once I thoroughly enjoy my food I make an iced coffee or a chai tea latte. Going into quarantine my mom surprised me with a milk throther which I’ve been wanting for so so long which has now turned me into a barista. I used to get Starbucks a lot but now I couldn’t tell ya the last time I’ve had it! Let’s just say my milk throther is getting it’s moneys worth lol.

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By now it’s around 9:30ish which means I need to start doing my online school (ugh). The one thing that quarantine has taught me is that I could never handle doing online school  24/7. I get bored sooooo easily & I have no one to talk to which is a problem because I’m a very chatty person! With that in mind I try to get my work done as quickly as I can, so I can keep my day rolling! Sometimes if I feel like I need a break though, I do a work out between classes.

Staying active is very important during quarantine because we don’t even realize how much physical activity we usually would do in a day. Whether it was walking from class to class at school or after school activities we get a lot of steps in. I know it’s hard to stay motivated but I keep this quote I saw on Pinterest in mind “Be Addicted to Bettering Yourself”. My workout of choice has been running usually, but if I wanna do something a little more fun, here are some fitness YouTube channels I like:

By this point it’s lunch time which means my morning routine has come to an end. I hope you all enjoyed my QuaranTEEN morning routine! As a little bonus here is a little video of what I did on the day I wrote this post, so sit back, enjoy, stay safe, and I’ll talk to y’all soon.

xoxo- Ashlyn Kate