Totally Tubular Tie Dye✿

For this blog post I’m throwing it back to the 70’s! This groovy time period was full of hippies, good vibes, and tie dye, so today we’re gonna talk all about hippies. Just Kidding! Today we are tie dying. Recently, I’ve been seeing rad tie dye all over my Pinterest & Instagram feeds. Originally, I was just gonna order some tie dye clothes from a Insta boutique, but then my mom saw an ad for a tie dye kit…

img_5368I thought it would be a fun time to tie dye some of my own psychedelic clothing instead of paying someone else to do it, so I bought the $20 kit from the brand Camp. It came with 2 packets of yellow, purple, green, red, and blue dye, 3 sets of gloves, literally a billion rubber bands, and instructions on how to do different style patterns on the shirts. All I’ve got to say is this set really gives you your money’s worth! One tie dye shirt is literally like $20 itself, but this $20 set gives you the supplies to make 20 shirts. That is a good deal my friends.

I also bought a 3 pack of Hanes t-shirts for like $10 dollars, FYI- plain white sweatshirts are so hard to find right now due to the trend.  I’ve been waiting for one from Amazon for weeks. ughh. I also grabbed a tank top from my room, and 2 college shirts. Then my friend Sarah and I started dying!

img_5371I can see why this was such a trend to do in the 70’s because it was literally so much fun & gave me such good vibes. I spent around 2 hours dying shirts while listening to Surfaces. On a side note, if you ever need to listen to something that will automatically give you good vibes you need to listen to Surfaces. All of their songs will put a smile on your face and make you feel like your in Florida lying on a beach while eating an açaí bowl! (or if you’d rather want to get the 70’s feel, listen to The Grateful Dead instead) Okay, now we can go back to what this post is actually about. When you’re tie dying just get creative with it! You really can’t make a mistake.  Experiment with different color combos or twist the shirts in different ways, no matter what you’re gonna end up with a shirt no one else has & have the satisfaction that you made it yourself. Also, once your shirts are washed you can cut them in unique ways! Here are a few pieces from what Sarah & I created…


For this tank I used the purple & blue dye. Also, I used the scrunching method for the application.
With the extra material from cropping the shirt below ⤵ I was able to make a super cute tube top. All I did was cut the material in one spot, then tied it in the back.
While making this shirt I did a circular twist starting in the middle of the shirt. Then, I layered on the blue, yellow, and red dye. Lastly, once the shirt was washed I cropped it & cut a triangle at the neck line.


The last 2 shirts were the same as the shirts from above, so I’m not gonna bore you all with showing those. This means we can now talk about how to style tie dye…


img_6077You can always make tie dye trendy by pairing it with biker shorts & Nike air force ones, but I like to take the more retro route. Circle sunglasses, bell bottom jeans, Jesus sandals, middle parts, braids, etc. are all key trends for making your fit look like it’s straight out of the 70’s. Personally, I choose to wear my circle Ray-Bans, thrifted Levis that flair at the bottom, white Birkenstocks, etc. to add some 70’s flair with popular 2020 brands. You don’t need to go out and buy anything new because no matter what your tie dye piece will be the statement in your look! This means any of the basics in your closet will do.



When I was looking for 70’s inspiration on Pinterest I realized that all the pictures had a film photo & grainy vibe to it, so I went straight to VSCO to get editing. First, I added a filter to make my self timer photo from my phone look more like a picture from a professional camera. Next, I took the grain tool and slid that button all the way up to +10! This is what really gave the pics a vintage vibe. Lastly, I used my fav editing app PicsArt to add some funk to the pics.

I hope y’all liked this weeks blog post! I really enjoyed doing a post related to one particular decade, so let me know what decade you’d wanna see next.  Make sure to check out the Camps website if you’re interested in tie dying clothes because the kit they sell is farrrr outttt mannn. Well thats all all for now hippies, peace!

xoxo- Ashlyn Kate