Senior Photoshoot with SliceofLime


What is up you guys! Todays blog post is so exciting because I’m getting my senior photos done. I literally still can’t comprehend that in less than a month I’m going to be heading into my final year of high school… crazy I know. Senior year may be full of stresses like applying to college, but it does have some pros like having your senior photo shoot! I’m so so sooooo excited to be getting my photos done by the amazing & talented Emil who runs the photography company Slice of Lime. She is literally the sweetest & her photos are always killer, so make sure to check out her Instagram which is linked above! Well if you want to see how I prepared for my shoot & see all the final products, keep on reading.

Btw- This post is a little throwback to when I got my pictures done, but I wanted to wait to post it when I actually got my pictures back. It’s November 3rd now & I have the final results, so keep reading to see my senior photos and prep!


For my shoot I got to choose 2 outfits, so I wanted to do 2 separate vibes for each outfit. Outfit one I wanted to have an outfit that would be a sweet look that I could send to family members, and could be sitting on the mantle in my grandparents family room. Then, for Outfit two I wanted to do the “model off duty” look I always see on Pinterest. To go with these 2 vibes, Outfit one I chose a white dress that is a slip dress with a tole pleated layer of fabric over it. Then, Outfit two I decided on a silk red dress that has the popular cow neck look, white chunky sneakers, and little statement sunglasses. I love both looks so much, and knew they were exactly what I wanted. But my dress for outfit one definitely has an interesting story to it!

Wellll, originally the tole went about 3 inches longer than the silk slip. My mom & I decided that it would look better if we cut the tole shorter to match up with the slip. We started cutting and it all started off fine, then we botched it. I tried the dress back on & it looked no bueno. It looked so bad we thought the dress was a goner, but thankfully we found a seamstress in our area that said she could fix it for us. She was literally an angel sent from above because she totally made my dress 10 times better in one day.


First off, obviously when you’re getting a bunch of photos taken you want to look your best, so you can feel cute & confident. For me personally that included getting my eyebrows, hair, and nails done. Anyone who knows me knows that my eyebrows are naturally white, so in photos they pretty much look invisible. Personally, for me I prefer to have my eyebrows be visible. To get that look I dye them brown. This may seem weird to some people, but when I try to fill my eyebrows in with brow product they never look too good lol, but when I dye them I don’t have to worry about filling them in!

Next, for nails I wanted to keep it simple so I decided to just do a mani pedi with white gel nails. It just looks classic & chic which I really like.

Lastly, on picture day I went to my hair salon to get my hair done. We did tight curls so by the time I got to my photo location they would be beachy waves.


For the shoot itself I actually filmed a YouTube video! In the video I show the preparation I talked about above, and filmed during my shoot. If you want to watch that you can go ahead & press on the video below, but I’m still gonna talk some more about the shoot, so don’t click out of this blog post yet!

Any of y’all that have been reading my blog posts for a while have probably seen that my family & I love Longwood gardens. We go every year around Christmas time, and I always write a blog post when I go. Since we have never gone in the summer though, we decided that I would do my senior photos there! It literally is so beautiful & we knew that doing photos there would make it a day to remember. We arrived @ Longwood around 3:00p.m ready to take lots of pics. I was already full glam in outfit now with my hair & makeup all done up.

When we met up with Emil she surprised me with a little goodie bag full of photo shoot essentials like lipgloss, snacks, and most importantly oil blotting sheets. These ended up coming in hand the most because it was hot & humid. At one point, I was sweating so bad that my parents had to fan me. I’m sure the other guests at Longwood were probably very confused by the teenage girl in a full glam outfit getting fanned by 2 adults, lol. I appreciated it so much though because my makeup was melting off. Besides the heat everything was perfect. The views at Longwood always are amazing, and I had no clue how beautiful the summer displays were! Since I was doing pose after pose, then touch up after touch up, I didn’t get to fully see all the areas so I totally want to go back again next summer.

We ended up staying for around 3 hours because every corner we turned Emil would find another location to shoot at. @ one point we were like “we are heading up to one of the conservatories & we won’t stop anywhere on our walk up”, butttttt we found about 5 more locations along the way. In total, Emil told me she shot 699 photos… I know what your thinking that’s A LOT of pictures. But I enjoyed doing every single one!

As Longwood closed at 6:00p.m, we headed out right as they closed. I took one last look at all the gorgeous fountains & flowers, said my goodbyes to Emil, and drove to our usual post Longwood spot Buckleys Tavern!

It was the perfect ending to a perfect day. I got what I get every time we go to Buckleys, a crab cake sandwich and sweet potato fries. Then, my parents and I decided to try a dessert since we were pretty hungry from all our walking in the heat at Longwood. That’s when we had the BEST berry cobbler ever, it really hit the spot!

Well everyone that was my senior photo session adventure. Once again, go check out Emil if you haven’t already & make sure to check out my Instagram to see even more pictures! Thanks for reading all the way up to here, I hope you enjoyed going along with me on my special senior photo shoot experience!

xoxo- Ashlyn Kate