Come Explore NYC with me!

Last weekend my mom and I took a trip up to the Big Apple! There is never a dull moment in NYC, so I decided to take my Canon G7x along for the ride. I captured all the fun moments & made a fun little montage which will be posted down below ⇩⇩

Keep reading though to get some more behind the scenes of my trip!

✱SATURDAY, November 7th

We started the weekend off by driving over the iconic Brooklyn Bridge to spend the day in DUMBO. If I could describe the area in one word it would be artsy, and let’s just say I got lot’s of fashion Inspo while walking around.

It was around 1:00 p.m which meant we all were very hungry, so we headed into Time Out market which had a vast array of options. My brother got Japanese food, while the rest of us got cheese steaks with sweet potato tater tots… yummmm. We then headed up to the rooftop to eat. This is when I saw the most GORGEOUS view. Ahead I saw waves crashing into rocks, to the left was the Brooklyn bridge, and to the right was the Manhattan bridge. Everywhere I looked people were taking photos, so I had to wait for my turn to take some pics!

Post lunch we spent the rest of the day exploring Brooklyn. I saw tons of cute thrift stores & flea markets. The best part though was going to pebble beach which is where you get the chance to see the entire Brooklyn Bridge!

After a day full of adventure in Brooklyn, we headed to Hudson Yards to do some browsing in Zara and Artzia. While shopping I looked out to a vibrant pink sunset behind the vessel… It was beautiful.

To end off day one we went to the cutest Italian restaurant which had fresh homemade pasta, white truffles, gelato, and much more. It was so funny because I decided to wear red lipstick out for the first time, and that then led the waiter to assume I was 21. I just turned 18 last week, so we all had a good laugh about him thinking I was 21!

While walking around I noticed that the Empire State building was red, white, and blue. This was a super cool moment in history to witness since while in NYC they had announced that Joe Biden was elected the 46th president of the US. Throughout the city I saw many people in Biden shirts & masks, so for the Empire State Building to be the colors of the flag topped it all off.

✱SUNDAY, November 8th

As I woke up to the view of skyscrapers ahead, I was sad to have to leave that day, but also very grateful for how much fun the trip had been. We took my brother and his girlfriends dog for a walk, I ordered an almond croissant from Brooklyn Bagels, and got a hazelnut coffee from a market. We all enjoyed our breakfast on the rooftop of brothers apartment, and I took in the stunning views for one last time. We said out goodbyes, then headed on our way out of NYC….

I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into my weekend in the city. I know it was pretty short, but I still wanted to share it with y’all. Thank you all so much for reading, and I hope you all are making the best of some small trips too.

xoxo- Ashlyn Kate