80 Christmas Gift Ideas

The holiday season is finally here which means it’s time to deck the halls with bows of holly, dream of a white Christmas, and do some gift giving to friends and family. Throughout the year I always can think of such good gift ideas, but then as soon as Christmas comes around I seem to forget every idea that I had. That’s why this year I decided to do my research to find some of the most popular gift ideas for 2020. I hope this gives you some Inspo for your own Christmas wishlist, secret santas gift exchanges, white elephant parties, and presents for the family that you love! Each item has a link to a website where you can buy the item, but also remember you pretty much can buy it all on Amazon as well. Also, I made a little YouTube video where I went through all of the items on this list in more detail, so feel free to check that out below!


  1. Fanny Packs – get a leather one for a street style look or a fjallraven for a nice hike
  2. Pura Vida Bracelets – use code “ASHLYNWEIDMAN20” for 20% off
  3. Tennis Skirts
  4. Doc Martens
  5. Workout Gear
  6. Levis Jeans
  7. Ugg Slippers
  8. Golf Wang – Tyler the Creator isn’t just a great singer… he’s an insane designer
  9. Chain Necklaces
  10. Cardigans – Unif has some super cute ones right now

Instagram Shops

  1. Kandescence – she has the cutest jewelry for great prices
  2. Eatbrunchclub – super aesthetic clothing
  3. SunshinebyJaina – stickers, water bottles, Ornaments, and more
  4. Bubble – new skincare brand promoted by OBX cast
  5. Olivergalart – art work great for offices, bedrooms, and more
  6. shop.olivelynn – t-shirts perfect for each season
  7. West & Willow – custom artwork of your fav pets
  8. Knitwrth – take your favorite album and make it into a sweatshirt
  9. Lonely Ghost Company – trendy clothes every influencer loves
  10. MadLove USA – Tie Dye sets that are adorable


  1. Glossier Lip Gloss
  2. La Roche- Posay– Skincare by Hiram highly recommends
  3. James Charles Palette
  4. Dyson Hair Dryer
  5. Babyliss Straightner – doesn’t tug at your hair while straightening
  6. Thrive Cosmetics – up and coming beauty brand
  7. Rare Beauty
  8. Freck Freckle Maker – Tik Toks fav product
  9. Rose Quartz Face Roller – put it in the fridge for the best face massage
  10. Kiehls Avocado Eye Cream


  1. Xbox or PS5 – super hard to find so good luck
  2. Patagonia Jackets
  3. Weight Set
  4. Nike Sneakers
  5. AirPods
  6. Joggers – My brother loves lululemon sweats
  7. Mini Grill
  8. Golfing Supplies
  9. Carhartt Hats
  10. Cologne

Home Decor

  1. Soapalogy Soy Candle
  2. Ikea Clothing Racks – I display all my fav sweatshirts on it
  3. Jewelry Holder
  4. Tezza Photo Kit
  5. Fuzzy Blankets
  6. Light Up Signs
  7. Skylight – turns your room into a purple & green galaxy
  8. Essential Oil Diffuser
  9. Record Player
  10. Light Up Vanity Mirror


  1. Polaroid Camera – Best way to capture memories
  2. Film Camera
  3. Canon Mini Printer
  4. Ring Lights
  5. Apple Watch
  6. The Mirror – I’ve seen this add on Tv over and over again
  7. UV Phone Cleaner – Great way to save a couple Clorox wipes
  8. JBL Speaker
  9. Clarisonic
  10. Foreo Luna

Stress Relief

  1. 5 minute Journal
  2. Workout membership – Personally I love Orange Theory
  3. Tea
  4. Adult Coloring Books
  5. Puzzles
  6. Heating Pad – These animal ones from Urban are the cutest
  7. Stress Relief Hand Sanitizer
  8. Lush Bath Bombs
  9. Neck Massager
  10. Headspace Subscription – relaxing meditations perfect for before bed


  1. Subscription Boxes – Birchbox, IPSY, Bark Box, and more
  2. Silk Pillow Cases
  3. Face Masks– These silk ones are apparently great for preventing maskney
  4. Jaw Hair Clips
  5. Christmas Ornaments
  6. Camp Tie Dye Kit
  7. Show Subscriptions – get into the holiday spirt with the High School Musical The Musical Holiday Special on Disney +
  8. Wildflower Phone Cases
  9. Car Decor – These LED car lights are a Tik Tok essential
  10. Little Sunglasses

Hope you find Inspiration from at least one of these 80 items! I know this holiday season is different than usual years, but still try to find some joy this Christmas season. Listen to all the Christmas songs, go to a Christmas tree farm, and read more of my holiday blog posts to come…

xoxo- Ashlyn Kate