Monochromatic Photoshoot with Besties

Whats up you guys? Long time no see! I’ve been a little off my blogging game recently due to the struggles of college decisions, working on my schools yearbook, and school in general, but I’m happy to be back posting today! This weekend I had an experience that I knew I had to share. If you look back to the Senior photos blog post, you would know that I worked with the amazing Slice of Lime photographer Emil! I’m apart of this street team that she has, that is a group of seniors from neighboring school districts that do photoshoots together! Unfortunately with COVID-19 we couldn’t really do shoots together as a street team, but she came up with the idea to let us bring our “bubbles” to the studio and do a BFF mini shoot. We each were allowed to do a 20 minute shoot with up to 4 of our closest friends. I decided to invite my girlies Keeley, Paige, Annalee, and Catie and asked them to pick a color because we were gonna go in monochrome…

I’ll start with Keeley’s fit. She was originally going to do orange or purple, switched to grey, but in the end decided to do a sleek black look. She wore some edgy cargo pants from Garage but added some classy heels to complete the baddie look. I was very excited about her heels because it meant one of my friends would be closer to my height because in most photos I look like a Giraffe next to them lol.

Paige took the opposite vibe of Keeley and went with an adorable baby blue look. She found the cutest sweater dress from Lulus, it came a little long so she did a life hack and used a belt to scrunch it up to make it fit her height a little better. The life hack worked out perfectly because the dress looked so cute on her.

Annalee also took the pastel route and wore pastel purple. Her look was giving me very soft girl vibes because of the pastel color & how girly the look was. She wore a fuzzy cropped cardigan from Target, with a frilly mini skirt from Forever 21. I was excited because she even let me do a natural light purple eye shadow look on her, which completed the whole look!

Catie went with a dark green color that literally is her color. Green was the perfect color for her, especially the shade of green in the Francescas sweater she wore. The sweater was paired with a mini skirt from Amazon and some Air Force ones, it looked super stylish. Also, as Catie said in the video she was “Ballin on a Budget” with her trendy Amazon rings.

Lastly, we have my fit! Anyone who knows me knows 2 things… I LOVE red, and I’ve always wanted to do a monochromatic shoot. This meant I got to combine the two for this shoot. I ordered my whole outfit from Zara, but it never came in the mail. This meant the day before the shoot I had to drive to my closest Zara to see if I could find it in person. I found the two pieces of the top, but had to get a different pair of pants… If we are being honest though I loved the new pants 10 times better! I paired the Zara outfit with my Tyler the Creater X Converse shoes. Overall, this might be my favorite outfit ever.

As you can see in the video we had so much fun getting ready together, hanging out with Emil, and getting ice cream at the CUTEST 50s themed ice cream shop that’s across from her studio. We also decided to go to Tomato Pie Cafe which is where I had the best chai tea ever. Once again thank you so much to Emil for setting this up! My life recently had been sitting at home in pajamas doing zoom classes & working on my computer all day long, so having the opportunity to get all dolled up with my friends was literally so much fun.

Hope you all enjoyed todays blog post. I have some fun blogs coming up through the next couple of months, so make sure to hit the follow button if you want to stay up to date. Thanks for reading, hope you all are staying safe and healthy during these times, I’ll see ya next time…

(ps. Instagram posts coming soon)

xoxo- Ashlyn Kate